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What BI frontend tool in Sharepoint 2010 should I use?

In regards to my earlier link to the power pivot blog post, that compared analysis services to power pivot, and discussed when to use what, I also have to throw in a link that compares all the front end BI tools in sharepoint 2010, and discuss when to use what there.

You can find a great overview of the frontend tools here:

There are a lot of possibilities, and my short advice is: Don’t try to use them all at once, even though you think you have a big project, which needs it all. Start by identifying what tool you need the most. You will properly be able to create most of what you need with that. Don’t throw a lot of different reports after the users. They will be confused when they get more advanced drill through possibilities in performance point services, than they for instance do in an excel services report, and they will get confused when they can’t export their performance point services report to PDF, the same way they can with for instance reporting services.

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