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  • Derived column IF expression

    I can never remember the SSIS if syntax in the derived column control, so Just so I can remember it myself 🙂 The syntax is like this: (compare) ? true : false  So if x equals  5 and y equals 1, then this will return x (x>y)?x:y Continue reading

  • region->kommune->postby

    In my daily work I often have to link something to a location in Denmark, and typically in the form of Region->Kommune->Postby. Every time I start on a new project, I always find myself goggling for a file or something I can use for that, and Always without success. So I decided to create one… Continue reading

  • Try Catch in VBA

    I’ve done a little VBA (Visual basic for applications) programming lately, and today I ran into a problem, where I wanted to make a simple try catch. The error occurred because the users put letters instead of numbers into a specified field, so I just wanted to do some simple user validation with try catch.… Continue reading

  • Setup the Membership and Roles features in ASP.NET

    There are a lot of tutorials about how to use the standard membership and role features, and the custom controls that comes with them in ASP.NET. There is however, a lack of information about how you setup and config your database and your web app, so you can use it with your standard MSSQL server.… Continue reading

  • Maximum request length exceeded

    When I was trying to deploy a report to the report server today, I got the following error message: There was an exception running the extensions specified in the config file. —> Maximum request length exceeded.  First I was a bit surprised, because a report project doesn’t come with a config file. I turned out,… Continue reading