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  • SQL TIP -> Recursive CTEs

    This morning I  had to do some recursive common table experessions. It is acctually relativly simple to do. A common scenario: We have a parent child relation in a selfreferencing table. That is common when we have an employee manager relationship or organisation relationship. Let’s just look at  the  employee manager relationship. Let’s create an… Continue reading

  • Prepopulate a table with data in SSDT

    The new database project in SSDT, is truly a great tool. It is not perfect thou, and one of its shortcomings, is that there is no out of the box way, to define some static/initial data in in a project, when you deploy it. In all the projects I do, I always want to have… Continue reading

  • Analysis services -> Clear Cache

    Just a short note about analysis services and its cache 🙂 One of the reasons for analysis services fast respond time is its cahce. But what if you want to test a query without using the cache? Well, just use this XMLA Script: Also, if you do partial processing, the cache, can in some cases… Continue reading