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Comparing Analysis Services and Power Pivot

We are in a period in time where MS soon will be releasing a lot of (new) BI technologies, such as sharepoint 2010 which contains among other things: excel services, performance point services and hosting of powerpivot. I guess office 2010 will be released the same date as sharepoint 2010, and here we also have a lot of new stuff, especially in Excel (where we also have the power pivot plug-in). SQL server 2008 R2 will also soon be released.

Working as a consultant I have experienced some confusion about when to use what technology, both from customers and BI developers.

To clarify some of it, the powerpivot team has created a great blog post that compares analysis services to powerpivot, and discusses when to use what.

Read it here:

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Ahh fed post. Tak for rigtig god læsning 🙂

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