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  • Why I don’t think powerpivot will be a success

    Just returned from the sharepoint 2009 conference, I’m really excited about all the new BI stuff. One of the things I’m really excited about is powerpivot. As you might have guessed from the title, I’m going to elaborate on why I don’t think powerpivot will be a success, in the sense I don’t think it… Continue reading

  • Viva Las Vegas(and sharepoint)

    I’m currently in Las Vegas to the sharepoint 2009 conference. I’m hoping to get some time one of the days, to describe some of the new features in sharepoint. I must admit I’m very excited, or as Steve Ballmer would say “pumped with energy”,  about the new things in sharepoint 2010 and office 2010 regarding… Continue reading

  • Yet another webpage added to the internet 🙂

    I just created a new website: In short, this is a website, that gather information about video and audio from around the web, and display it in a nice and easy way for the user. I wont say much more about it, since the webpage hopefully is self explaining 🙂 My goal with the… Continue reading