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Power BI Desktop on mac ->Sign in problem

There has been a problem in Power BI Desktop on Mac, where you could not sign in.

The problem has been, that when you click “sign in” in the top right corner, and type in your e-mail, then Power BI desktop will just freeze.

Maybe the problem is only on parallels windows on arm version. Or maybe it is on all windows on arm. I have not heard about other windows on arm’s with the same problem, but then again, who is using that.

There has been some workarounds. Download an older version, or download the 32 bit version etc.

But now, there is a fix.

  • When you start power BI desktop, don’t sign in
  • instead, go to File->Options and settings->Options
  • Scroll down to security
  • Click the check-box “Use updated sing-in experience”
  • Click ok, and maybe restart power BI desktop

And voila, now you can sign in normally

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