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  • Show webparts for all users

    To my big surprise, sharepoint users, who are only members of custom site groups, can’t see all webparts. This is apparently because the webpart gallery is stored in a list, and the list doesn’t inherit security for the portal. To enable all users to see all webparts, edit the webpart gallery list, so it inherits… Continue reading

  • Embed media players in your website

    In the process of creating a web based media centre, I need to be able to play media in a website. It is surprisingly easy with activeX components, and much easier than using the difrent players in a window based application. If you want to use MS media player in your web site, paste in… Continue reading

  • Removing saved windows passwords

    Working with sharepoint 2003, you often have to test functionality for different users. Doing so, you will have to remove the saved window password (That is, if you have accepted to save it).  The idea with windows remembering user credentials is that when you are logged into windows, you shouldn’t have to remember user credentials… Continue reading

  • New blog

    Hello, and welcome to my blog. You can read what it is all about, in the about section. But for now, it will be mostly sharepoint 2003, since that is what I am working with at the moment 🙂 Developing to sharepint 2003 can at times be a challenging task, since it lacks documentation, and… Continue reading