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  • Database development with SSDT and Azure

    One of the new things in the development tool to SQL server 2012 (SSDT) is the database project as shown in the picture below. Before 2012 it was a part of visual studio, but now you can get it for free in the data tools. I’m guessing that that is one of the reasons for… Continue reading

  • SSAS translation problems with Excel

    I just revisited an old customer, where they had a setup with a SSAS 2008 and are using Excel 2007 as a frontend. They had a problem when they tried to log on to one of the cubes. They didn’t get any errors, but when they had filled out all the connection information, they just… Continue reading

  • region->kommune->postby

    In my daily work I often have to link something to a location in Denmark, and typically in the form of Region->Kommune->Postby. Every time I start on a new project, I always find myself goggling for a file or something I can use for that, and Always without success. So I decided to create one… Continue reading

  • Try Catch in VBA

    I’ve done a little VBA (Visual basic for applications) programming lately, and today I ran into a problem, where I wanted to make a simple try catch. The error occurred because the users put letters instead of numbers into a specified field, so I just wanted to do some simple user validation with try catch.… Continue reading

  • JAOO Confrence qoutes #1

    A quote from this year JAOO conference in Århus 🙂 “Agile is like teenage sex – everyone talks about it, very few are actually doing it, and those who do usually don’t do it very well.” James Coplien Continue reading

  • Linked in

    After receiving approximately 1 million invitations for linked in, I finally decided to join. The last push came from Mogens, and the fact that I was in mid air between booty bay and Hillsbrad foothills in WOW, facing about 10 more minutes of flight time. The link to my profile: Please don’t hesitate to… Continue reading

  • New job

    Long time no see. It’s been a long time since my last post. That is partly due to my new job. I just changed workplace from one of the biggest software companies in Scandinavia, to a little software consulting company with 18 employees. My short-sighted plan with this blog, was actually to write about my… Continue reading

  • New blog

    Hello, and welcome to my blog. You can read what it is all about, in the about section. But for now, it will be mostly sharepoint 2003, since that is what I am working with at the moment 🙂 Developing to sharepint 2003 can at times be a challenging task, since it lacks documentation, and… Continue reading