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  • GOTO day 3 – Keynote: “How to become accomplished”

    Seriousely, the keynotes at GOTO are really good this year. Today was by Chad Fowler. It was about, as the title says, how to become accomplished. To me, Chad Fowler is like a motivational speaker for programmers, and he is really really good.  In short, you are going to spend a lot of your life… Continue reading

  • Funday Monday: Day 1 at GOTO

    So today was day 1 at the GOTO conference. Today none of the tracks related directly to what I work with daily, so I think I was around almost all the tracks for different sessions. Solving Real and Big (Data) Problems Using Hadoop So the first session actually was the only one, that related a… Continue reading

  • My GOTO program

    I have not completely decided on my GOTO program yet, but here is a list of some of the sessions I’m looking forward to 🙂  Some of them are at the same time, so I really hope that they will be available on VOD afterwards. Don’t be religious about the Internet of Things! As an… Continue reading

  • Attending GOTO as a Business intelligence developer

    Back in my .NET developer days, like 100 years or so ago, I went to my first GOTO conference(Or JAOO as it was called back then). Back then, I loved .NET and anything that related to it, but that wasn’t the reason I went to GOTO. If I wanted to know more about the changes… Continue reading