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My GOTO program

I have not completely decided on my GOTO program yet, but here is a list of some of the sessions I’m looking forward to 🙂  Some of them are at the same time, so I really hope that they will be available on VOD afterwards.

Don’t be religious about the Internet of Things!
As an owner of a BI company, I have noticed that all of my competitors are talking about the internet of things, and yet, I still do not know what it is 🙂 So yes, I’m looking very much forward to this session, where I’m hoping to get at good introduction to the subject.

I have a feeling that it is somehow, someones view on big data, but from another perspective. I have tried to take a look at the comic book by The Alexandra Institute, but I’m still not completely sure about what it is.

The “Making sense of data” track
Well, the job description of every business intelligence developer, is properly to “make sense of data”, so I’m guessing this is a must 🙂

The track “Open Data / eGov“
A part of big data (In my line of work, it is important to say big data a lot these days), is to enrich a companies data warehouses with all kinds of market data. So all information about how to do that is welcome.

The NoSQL, MySQL and Big data track(There is that word again)
There is a trend at the current time, that make developers use no SQL databases. As a consumer of the data the developers applications create, I have to know there mindset behind this, so sessions about this, is also of big interest to me.

Well I guess that is it. Else I’ll just go with the flow, and get inspired by the people I talk to at the conference.

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