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SSAS translation problems with Excel

I just revisited an old customer, where they had a setup with a SSAS 2008 and are using Excel 2007 as a frontend.

They had a problem when they tried to log on to one of the cubes. They didn’t get any errors, but when they had filled out all the connection information, they just kept getting prompted with the prompt below:

They could see the cube with all their other client tools.

After some debugging, I found that the error was caused by a translation on a measure group.  Apparently Excel 2007 can’t handle measuregroup name translations. I really have to test on another cube, if it that is a general problem, or if it just is a special case

At another consultant job some months  ago, I also experienced problems when working with translations in SSAS 2008 R2 and using Excel 2010 as frontend.

I guess the take away is, that if you have some strange problems  when using the cubes from Excel, but it works normally with other client tools, then the problem properly lies in the translations.

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