In my daily work I often have to link something to a location in Denmark, and typically in the form of Region->Kommune->Postby.

Every time I start on a new project, I always find myself goggling for a file or something I can use for that, and Always without success.

So I decided to create one myself, so I have one. You can download it here: RegionInfo.

Please leave a comment if you are using the file, or if you want it in a different format.

Something for my wish list 🙂

I would be cool if there was a web service(or a file you could download) where this information was available for the whole world. Not in the form of the Danish Region->Kommune->Postby, but in the form that would make sense for the different countries. Something like this maybe:

  • Country- Region->Kommune->Postby
  • Country-State-City
  • Etc etc. 

Ofcourse there had to be some metadata attached to it, which specified what the name of the level is for the different countries.

A super cool feature could also be, if all these data  came with a set of longitude and Latitude coordinates, that specified the location on a world map, hence a lot of application today creates data based on a point in a GPS or in an GIS application (maybe with Google or MS maps) .

Well, that is just something that could be extremely useful for me. If you know of any such web service, or anything related, please drop a comment or an e-mail 🙂

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